One of a Kind!
This Halloween Witch Gnome is spirting a beautiful purple outfit complete with pearls and sparkling silver stars. She’s approximately 12 inches tall.
With her cauldron already cooking, this Halloween Witch Gnome has a flowing veil and multi layer skirt.
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Cowgirl Gnome
Gnomes! Zeke’s Gnomes come in all styles. Each gnome starts with a bean body. What differentiates Zeke’s Gnomes are the next steps in the design. Each body is then covered with material matching the design. The Baby Gnomes, for instance, are covered in the softest material for their body. A Gnome can be customized to highlight a hobby, your favorite sport or team, or color. Just email Zeke’s Safari with your questions. 😊
These unique Halloween Gnomes each have their own personalities.😊 Some are short, one is tall but they all have their cauldron at the ready! Shop with Zeke for a truly unique Halloween decoration. 🎃
All Gnome prices include shipping! No added fees upon check out.😊
With her unique hands, this Halloween Witch Gnome is cute as a button. She’s ready to decorate your home.
The Halloween Witches! 🎃
This Cowgirl Gnome with her pony is riding high! Lovely curls compliments her pink hat. Her hands are enclosed in leather gloves, and her boots & chaps are suede. She’s sporting an authentic Montana Sterling Silver Belt Buckle!
This Baby Gnome is so soft with her plush cap with white lamas. Her cute bunny slippers make her perfect for a decoration in the nursery, a baby shower gift, or to decorate a little girl’s bedroom.
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